How We Help

We wrap around participants with shelter and supportive services.

Rogue Retreat helps people restore their lives and move forward out of homelessness. We do this through innovative and creative housing and shelter programs, plus fundamental community partnerships. In this equation, we’re working together to equip those experiencing homelessness with the tools and support they need to move into a life with stability, health, and hope.

Photo of mother and child getting supportive services

Supportive Services

Can you imagine trying to get hired without a social security number? Or taking your kids to school without access to transportation? Our wrap-around supportive services address the “upriver” issues for individuals that can lead to homelessness, like mental illness, substance abuse, lack of access to public transportation, and more. Along with our community partners, we guide each participant toward self-sufficiency — one meaningful step at a time.

Housing & Shelter

Rogue Retreat offers creative and innovative temporary housing solutions for participants, with the goal of moving each person toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing. Learn more about our housing and shelter programs in Jackson and Josephine counties, including Urban Campground, Kelly Shelter, Hope Village, Foundry Village, shared housing, and more.

Photo of the RV's at Talent-Gateway
Photo of the Rogue Retreat Thrift Shop

Social Enterprises

Fusing funding with training is a win-win for Rogue Retreat and the community. Through our social enterprise programs, we fund innovative housing and shelter sites, while also giving Rogue Retreat participants valuable opportunities to train, earn money, and develop new job skills.

Take a Tour

Our tours open the mind and heart. When you see first-hand how our housing and shelter programs are operated, it’s often the first step for donors, business partners, and community leaders to become involved with Rogue Retreat and make a real difference in people’s lives. Meet participants, hear their stories, see our housing and shelter sites in action, and learn about the impact you can make in your own community.

Photo of people taking a tour of Rogue Retreat

Thank You to Our Community Partners!

We could not do this work without our community partners. Because of you, we have the capacity to serve over 500 participants every night. Together, we make a difference in housing and shelter, education, employment, medical care, substance abuse treatment, and more.