Take a Tour

See Rogue Retreat’s impact first-hand.

We offer guided tours for our donors, community members, government officials, business leaders, and our partners. These tours are one of the key ways we communicate the impact of the Rogue Retreat model of success, and show what can be done to serve homeless people in other communities as well.

Tour Housing & Shelter Sites

Medford Urban Campground

Urban Campground, Medford

Kelly Shelter

Kelly Shelter

Hope Village Tour

Hope Village

Who Can Request a Tour?

  • Donors
  • Business owners
  • Community partners
  • City officials
  • University presidents
  • Nonprofit directors
  • Law officers
  • Program neighbors
  • Interested citizens
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Rogue Retreat

All tours are led by various staff directors. 

Founder Chad McComas leading a tour at Rogue Retreat

A Tour is a First Step

After a tour, community leaders and organizations often reach out to our team for consulting and training through our Hope University program. A tour can also be a catalyst that inspires a donor to give for the first time, or a volunteer to sign up. It is transformational to see the impact of these programs up close and witness their capacities to restore lives.

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