Hi! Do you want to know what Rogue Retreat is doing?

Rogue Retreat serves homeless and unsheltered people in Southern Oregon.

We meet people experiencing homelessness where they are, stabilize them with shelter and housing first, and then provide the supportive services they need to transition back into the community. Our operations encompass a full spectrum of innovative, creative, and temporary housing solutions, combined with supportive services to help people restore their lives.

Mental Health Counseling
Financial and More
Job Readiness
Addiction Services

From transitional campgrounds to multi-family apartment complexes, Rogue Retreat provides shelter and housing in addition to comprehensive wrap-around supportive services. Our “Secret Sauce” is a multi-faceted supportive network of community partners who collaborate with Rogue Retreat’s supportive services staff to serve the needs of participants when, where, and how they need it.

Our Secret Sauce is our staff, many of whom come from an addictions background. Some might call it “lived experience,” and we’ve seen that it makes a difference in our programs. Why? Because it’s hard to say you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes unless you truly have. Many of our staff believe in our mission in ways others might not be able to — because they’ve lived it and made their own journeys back into the community.

Bed Nights Per Year

Individuals Served

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Rogue Retreat a housing organization?

Rogue Retreat is known for its creative housing programs, including tiny house villages, low
barrier shelters, and campgrounds. However, Rogue Retreat does not “warehouse” homeless people. Rogue Retreat provides supportive services that help our program participants reach their highest potential.

Does providing social services in my community inspire homeless people to<br /> move to my community?<br />

The population of homeless people is rising nationwide. We are working with more cities than ever to offer services for homeless people. Having services may bring more people to the area, but we don’t see a significant difference in the rate that homelessness is growing in areas with services versus areas without.

What is Rogue Retreat’s success rate?

Every one of Rogue Retreat’s programs operates with features and guidelines unique to itself, therefore, generating an overall success rate is difficult to determine. Pre-Covid our research determined that our shared housing and apartment populations achieved a 75% success rate. Our Urban Campground sustains a 42% success rate. The bulk of our sites fall into a range between 42% and 75%.

Does Rogue Retreat help at-risk kids?

Rogue Retreat doesn’t directly help at-risk or homeless youth. Rogue Retreat serves individuals, couples, and families. We work closely with the Maslow Project and Hearts with a Mission to help connect at-risk kids to their programs which are designed to serve and meet the needs of homeless youths.

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