Rogue Retreat Restores the Lives of Homeless and Unsheltered People in Our Community

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We’re not just housing people. We’re moving them forward in life.

We meet homeless people as they are — many with addiction or mental health challenges — and provide creative and temporary housing for them. A place to call home. With community partners and our supportive services staff, we collectively wrap ourselves around each program participant to deliver supportive services that help them achieve their highest potential.

Your Donation Restores Lives

Partner with Rogue Retreat and make a difference — we’re transforming the lives of people in our programs.

Chad McComas, Executive Director

As one of the founding members of Rogue Retreat, Chad continues to play a pivotal role in Rogue Retreat’s vision and mission of restoring the lives of people in Southern Oregon.

“When homeless people come to us, they have lost the ability to take care of themselves.”

– Chad McComas, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Photo of Chad McComas, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Join Us for a Tour of Our Shelter Sites

One of the best ways to understand the impact of your support is seeing it with your own eyes. We offer tours of several of our shelter sites, led by our executive director, Chad McComas.

The Pyramid of Hope

Rogue Retreat’s Model of Success
Rogue Retreat's pyramid of hope. At the top of the pyramid is hope. The next level is Funders, then Community Partners, then Supportive Services, and at the bottom is Shelter and Housing.

HOPE: Lifts the broken hearted, sparks belief in positive outcomes, and infuses the model with goodness.

FUNDERS: Individuals and organizations who invest time, money, goods, or services that furthers our vision and mission.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: A comprehensive network of community service providers that join with us to help participants reach their highest potential.

SUPPORTIVE SERVICES: Rogue Retreat’s “Secret Sauce” is the framework that restores lives by providing guidance, counseling, and referrals to Community Partners who focus on overcoming barriers.

SHELTER & HOUSING: Creative, innovative, and temporary shelter and housing. solutions that stabilize formerly homeless program participants and gives them a place to call home.

Our Impact

We stabilize people by providing shelter and housing. Once this basic need is met, our supportive services staff work with participants to help them improve their self-sufficiency. We partner with over 64 community organizations to provide our participants with the support and resources they need.

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bed nights per year at our
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individuals served
in 2021

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meals provided to
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Housing & Shelter

We help stabilize people with creative and temporary housing.
Rogue Retreat Urban Campground tent
Rogue Retreat Pallet Shelter
Rogue Retreat Kelly Shelter
Rogue Retreat Hope Village
Rogue Retreat Redwood Inn
Rogue Retreat Shelter & Housing

Do You Need Help?

Apply online or in-person at 711 E. Main Street, Suite 25, Medford, OR 97504 from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. We offer a spectrum of services that range from meeting basic needs at the Urban Campground to transitional housing for individuals and families.

“I feel safe and secure, I no longer wake up scared and wonder where I am and where to go.”

– Rogue Retreat Participant

Rogue Retreat donor Earlene Strosser and her husband.

“Why I Choose to Give to Rogue Retreat”

A passion for helping and serving others has been a key ingredient in how Earlene Schlosser lives. After a turbulent early life, Earlene believes her story truly began at 40 years old.

“They are solving a lot of problems one person at a time, and I love being a part of that.”

– Earlene Strosser

Support Our Annual Campaign: Raising Hope

At Rogue Retreat, hope means never giving up on people who have given up on themselves. Hope means growing our shelter capacity to support over 500 people every night.

Rogue Retreat Raising Hope campaign: What does hope mean to you?

News & Stories

The Who, What, & Why of Rogue Retreat
5 Ways You Can Help A Homeless Person

5 Ways You Can Help A Homeless Person

During the winter, our thoughts often turn to how we can serve others. This includes the men, women, and children who are homeless in our own community.  Homelessness is a huge problem in the United States, with more than 500,000 people living in a state of...

Introducing Foundry Village

Introducing Foundry Village

We are excited to introduce Foundry Village to you. Foundry Village is a partnership between the AllCare Community Foundation and Rogue Retreat. Foundry Village is the first transitional housing community in Grants Pass. It comprises 17 tiny houses and a community...

A Life of Giving, A Legacy of Generosity

A Life of Giving, A Legacy of Generosity

When you focus on the good things in life, that spirit of thankfulness and compassion lives on from generation to generation. This is the legacy of John D’Arcy, and his daughter and son-in-law, Nan and Tom Gunderson. Through a donation of stock valued at $100,000 from...

Consulting & Training

Hope University

Hope University is the consulting and training arm of Rogue Retreat. We can help you build services and increase shelter capacity in your own community.

Icon of binoculars for Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment

Icon of earphones for Audio Courses

Audio Courses

Icon of classroom setting for In-Person Training

In-Person Training

Photo of smiling Rogue Retreat employee.

Careers at Rogue Retreat

We are growing and hiring new staff to meet the needs of our community. We are looking for people who want to make a difference with the work they do every day.

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