In preparation for its move later this year, the Medford Urban Campground, operated by Rogue Retreat, is changing its name to Rogue Retreat Crossings. 

“Rogue Retreat Crossings is a name that aligns with what the campground actually is.  Everyone at RRC is at a crossroads in their life.  They can stay where they are or take steps to make lasting decisions to change their life,” stated Rogue Retreat’s Executive Director, Sam Engel.

Three years ago, Rogue Retreat Crossings (RRC) launched as the Temporary Medford Urban Campground with 35 tent sights.  Today, RRC has the capacity to shelter 125 individuals in almost 85 soft tents and rigid tents in phase 1 and a variety of 50 rigid tents, Pallet Shelters, and Mod Pods in phase 2.  Over the years since opening the RRC has often been misunderstood to be a self-contained, open campground.  Often people will stop by looking for a space to set up their tents not knowing that it is a program to help residents find their way out of homelessness. 

“RRC is so much more than a campground. We provide our residents with a service.  They come to us and we offer them shelter and food, but they are given access to Rogue Retreat’s wrap-around services.  It’s with these services our residents can get access to medical and mental health treatment, addiction recovery services, job training, financial support, and so much more,“ added Rogue Retreat Crossings’ Site Manager, Alex Spray.

Rogue Retreat Crossings’ move to their permanent location on W McAndrews, taking place this year, will allow both Phase 1 and Phase 2 to increase in capacity.  This move will allow more of our unhoused neighbors a safe shelter off the streets and access to supportive services.