A Video by Rogue Retreat

Sharing Rogue Retreat’s Mission to Restore Lives

Rogue Retreat’s tagline is Restoring Lives. That’s what we do. Through this video, we show how Rogue Retreat does that. We’re not just housing people, we’re supporting them in all facets of their life and moving them forward.

People often ask what Rogue Retreat does or who Rogue Retreat is. This question seems simple on the surface, but becomes much more complicated when you dive into it. We wanted to create this Restoring Lives video to help address these questions and provide clarity to our community partners, donors, and anyone who is interested in the work that we do here at Rogue Retreat.

We didn’t just want to tell people what Rogue Retreat does, but we wanted to share who we are. Rogue Retreat is an organization based on inspiring hope and restoring lives. As we created this video, we interviewed staff, participants, and community partners to find out who Rogue Retreat is and how Rogue Retreat supports the homeless in our community.

While producing the Restoring Lives video, we discovered that Rogue Retreat isn’t just a housing organization or even a supportive services organization. We are an organization made up of individuals with a heart for helping people in need. The humanity of homelessness is something else we uncovered, we tried to peel away the stigma of homelessness and actually show the individuals for who they are.

So many amazing people agreed to be interviewed for this project. We’d like to make a special thank you to the Medford Police Livability Team, they not only agreed to be interviewed but also took us along with them on the Greenway to see what things are really like. We were able to meet some amazing people living in Rogue Retreat’s programs.