We’re excited to introduce the Talent Gateway Transitional Housing Project. So many individuals and organizations have come together to make this possible. We’re honored to be a part of this project.

A joint effort between the Talent Urban Renewal Agency and the Phoenix-Talent School District, the Talent Gateway Transitional Housing Project was made possible by a $1.7 million donation from the State of Oregon, as well as a separate donation from Medford-based People’s Bank.

A place for families to come back home
The two groups brought 53 RVs to the site to house families displaced due to the Almeda Fire, which ravaged Southern Oregon in September 2020. Priority at this site is given to families in the Phoenix-Talent school district, so that they may return to and stay within their schools. Rogue Retreat is managing the site and provides participants with supportive services as needed.

For more information about the Gateway Project or to apply, visit our Housing & Shelter page.