A passion for helping and serving others has been a key ingredient in how Earlene Schlosser lives. After a turbulent early life, Earlene believes her story truly began at 40 years old.

“The Lord has blessed me so richly since then. The best things in my life — I don’t know how I came to find them or how they found me — but they did,” she said.

Earlene discovered the Kelly Shelter when it first opened. She felt blessed to volunteer at the shelter, and cook for and serve others. She talked with people, made friends, and heard their incredible stories. As she spent more time at the Kelly Shetler, it only reaffirmed her thoughts about Rogue Retreat.

“I think that’s what sets Rogue Retreat apart,” she said. “They’re trying to help each person make the best of their life.”

Earlene still cooks at the Kelly Shelter, and considers herself fortunate to get to know the people there and watch them grow.

She’s also a supporter of Rogue Retreat’s other programs. She believes the Urban Campground offers the all-important first step of helping people get off the street and rest.

“Just to have a place where you can sleep and get clearheaded is such a beautiful thing. I wish everyone knew what Rogue Retreat does. They are solving a lot of problems one person at a time, and I love being a part of that.”
Earlene also feels drawn to the people she serves through her volunteering, because she too endured struggles in her life.

Prior to age 40, Earlene encountered many difficulties. She had a place to live and a job, but made poor choices in the company she kept and how she spent her time.

“I was hanging out with alcoholics and drug users, but I never tried drugs. One day I was in the hospital, by myself, and looked around because I needed a ride home. I didn’t know who to call. These people I called my ‘friends’, were not there for me. It was then I knew I needed to make changes.”

It was an eye-opening experience for Earlene. She realized she did not want to be that person anymore.

At 40, a whirlwind of positive changes catapulted Earlene’s life in a new and better direction.

“I got reconnected with God and let Him start leading my life,” she said.

“We all have our talents, time and treasures to offer”
The changes she made put her in a good place mentally, spiritually and physically. When things started to improve, Earlene looked for ways she could give to others. And that eventually led her to Rogue Retreat.

“And I want to keep being a part of that, whether it’s donating funds, cooking at the shelter, or however I can be involved. Rogue Retreat is my passion.”
Earlene is also blessed with a wonderful family — a loving husband, five daughters, and grandchildren she absolutely adores.

Her passion for volunteering is a special part of her life, and Earlene believes giving to the community is something everyone can do.

“People think it takes money and position, but it doesn’t. We all have our talents, time and treasures to offer,” she said.