Raising Hope

Our first-ever, community-wide fundraising campaign.

With your help, we aim to expand the services we offer that are already changing lives every day. Our programs are providing housing, shelter, stability — and most importantly, hope — for hundreds of lives in Southern Oregon. Your donation ensures we can continue doing what we do best, and support hundreds more.

It has been said that nobody remembers the ones who gave up.

We don’t agree…
We CARE for them.
We believe you do too.

Restoring the Lives of Homeless Individuals, Couples, and Families

Rogue Retreat knows that by the time a homeless or unsheltered person has come to us, they have lost the capacity to care for themselves. They have also lost hope for a better future.

With your help, Rogue Retreat restores the lives of homeless individuals, couples, and families. Their stories are powerful, their gratitude is immense, and their experiences are transformational.

Through your generous donations, we have the capacity to provide critical housing and shelter for 500+ people each night, therefore sustaining 182,500 bed nights on a 12-month basis. We’re making a big impact, but there’s still a need for more.

Photo of a happy kid with his mom
Wrap-around services include shelter, food, clothing, job readiness, addiction services, medical, mental health counseling, legal support, financial support, and more.

Experience Has Taught Us That “Housing” People Isn’t the Solution to Homelessness

In order for our program participants to achieve a sustainable, meaningful life, our supportive services staff — along with more than 64 community partners — must collectively wrap themselves around our participants to help them.

All participants are helped with basic needs such as shelter, food, and clothing. In addition, they receive services that help them with medical, financial, mental health counseling, access to job readiness programs, legal support, and a myriad of other supportive services. For those who have lost everything in life, this is what is needed in order to establish healthy interdependence in their family, work, and social lives.

And then maybe… they can buy a home of their own. Or a car. Or reunite with loved ones. Or earn a degree. Or land a job that provides a good living. Or access recovery services for addiction. Or… who knows? With hope, the possibilities are endless.

This is Hope — a Life Restored, Filled with Meaning and Purpose

Your contribution to our campaign does a whole lot more than provide housing. Your donations make a meaningful difference in the lives of our participants and the community where we all live and work.

Thank you for Raising Hope. Thank you for giving generously.