The well of homelessness can run deep, but with a compassionate hand up, it is possible to climb out of the well and into light again. With the help of Rogue Retreat, Michelle DeLeon was able to escape the spiral of homelessness and create a better life for herself.

“I suffered from homelessness several times over the past 25 years. The longest time was for a year when I lived in a car with my dog,” said Michelle.

Three years ago, Michelle learned about Rogue Retreat

After getting her first appointment with Rogue Retreat, she fully immersed herself in their programs and everything they had to offer.

“I dealt with a lot of mental health problems,” she said. “I was addicted to marijuana for many years and tried to take my life a couple of times. It wasn’t easy.”

But Michelle was a lifelong learner and eager to start her new journey. During her time with Rogue Retreat, she volunteered at Thrift Shop, was in peer support, and attended church and counseling. With the help of others, she had many notable accomplishments, including building her credit.

“I give all my thanks to God because anytime I struggled with thinking about using, I’d hand it over to Him and the thoughts would go away.”

Looking to a brighter future

Michelle also attended almost a year of life skills meetings. But one of the things which really struck her was when Executive Director Chad McComas would say, “Do the next right thing.”

Michelle still uses that mantra to help with her day-to-day tasks. “If you do one right thing, the next one comes easier, and so on.”

After much hard work, the future’s looking brighter for Michelle. She is continuing her therapy and excited to put into practice everything she learned from Rogue Retreat.

“God trusts me with the next steps. I won’t go back to using. Because of Rogue Retreat, I’ll be clean and sober the rest of my life. I’m excited to be in my apartment and choose a better way to live. Rogue Retreat taught me there’s always a better way.”